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Inside technology problems are business problems. Inside business problems are human problems.


I do experience design and innovation strategy. I've worked on everything from the future of toothpaste to mission control for NASA. Currently I lead the design and development of new products and services at Financial Engines, a technology/financial services firm in Silicon Valley that helps people from all walks of life with the huge complexities of retirement finances. I also do speaking, workshop facilitation, writing, and photography.



Before my current role I spent almost a decade as a leader at frog design in a variety of roles, and helped build the strategy and user research capabilities. Prior to frog I founded a boutique design consultancy focused on design strategy.


I've spoken extensively at conferences and executive roundtables on innovation, customer insights, and design thinking. I've led over 50 workshops around the world for clients of all types and sizes. I'm available for a small number of talks and workshops each year. Find out more >


I'm author of the book Innovation X: Why a Company's Toughest Problems are its Greatest Advantage, published by Jossey-Bass. (Buy a copy on Amazon.) In addition to the blog on this site I've blogged regularly for Harvard Business Review.

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